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"My kids joined Claddagh three years ago when we received one of the New Student Coupons, which allowed them to try Irish dance for a month for free. They have been dancing (and improving immensely) ever since. The dances and choreographies they learn are incredible, and every year Claddagh students travel abroad to compete in (and win) world championships all over the world.

However, what I like most about this studio is the respect the students have for their teachers and for each other. The older girls make it their responsibility to take care of the beginning dancers, and it's obvious that the little ones, in turn, look up to them."

~ Christina M.

"The Claddagh School of Irish Dance not only taught my daughter Irish dance steps, they gave her confidence about herself. As an only child at home, Claddagh gave my daughter an opportunity to dance on teams with other kids her age as well as do solos. They traveled worldwide and became family together. She looked forward to class time during the week and weekends as she was spending time doing what she loved. Irish dance became a passion, a home and a safe place to be. The teachers love what they do and greet the kids as they arrive to class, even asking how was their day at school. I highly recommend the Claddagh School of Irish Dance. Why you’ll even learn a little bit of Irish history while you're there!!"

~Julie D.

"As parents, we want our children to grow in life lessons, build strong characters, and stand independently. We want them to be happy, understand teamwork, and know that life can sometime bring tears: joyful and sad. We want our children to develop their passions and follow their dreams. Each of our children found their independent voices and our whole family was better with Irish dancing.

Our family attended annual St. Patrick’s Day dinners and enjoyed the dancers each year. It wasn’t until our daughter, McKenna, was 3 that we found out Irish dancing would become a family affair. We bought a Riverdance video thinking this would pass but when we had a parent/teacher conference in first grade about her “dancing down the classroom aisle” was creating a problem that we knew we better find an outlet. McKenna danced through college and continues to put on the shoes to show her own students how it’s done.

Travel with great families throughout the years, working at competitions, and doing shows for the community were all part of our lives. The Claddagh symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship means as much now as it did when she put the first shoes on. We stay connected with many of the families that our daughter danced with years ago. Maire, and Claddagh, teach much more than Irish dancing and our family is richer because of it."

~ Colleen S.

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