Homeschool Program

Why is Irish Dancing A Benefit?

  • Increased Physical Skills….

Dancers develop greater body control, coordination, & fitness.

  • Increased Mental Skills…

Dancers show increased listening skills, greater attention span and ease in following directions.

  • A Healthy Competitive Spirit…

Practicing dance increases the desire to do well and to the best of one’s abilities.

  • Lasting Friendships…

Friendships are formed not only with classmates, but through performing and competing. Dancers meet friends from all parts of the city, state, and country.

  • Why should you start your toddler in dance classes?

  1. Fun

  2. hand eye coordination

  3. socialization

Attention Charter School & Home School Programs:

Director Maire O’Connell is able to offer outdoor classes during school hours in our beautiful Ventura studios.

She has a high school teaching credential from National University of Ireland, is an approved vendor with several charter schools, and carries liability insurance.

Attend a beginner class and join the fun!

Currently offering outdoor classes!

Beginner Classes:

Ventura - Mon 3:30 pm, Thurs 3:30 pm, Sat 9 and 10 am

Santa Barbara Tues 4pm

Los Angeles South Bay - Mon 4:30pm, Wed 5:30pm



And Friendship